Instagram Takeover: Xavier Esclusa Trias

May 10, 2021

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Poster House is dedicated to celebrating all voices within the poster community. In an effort to share with our audience the widest array of poster talent, we are partnering with numerous young designers around the world to create Instagram Takeovers—full days on our Instagram account in which up and coming graphic artists give us a personalized peek inside their poster-making world.

Once a month, head to our Instagram to see these amazing contemporary designers. Get special access inside their studios, hear their philosophy on how posters work, peek at their latest poster creations, and ask them questions!

This Monday, we are featuring the designer Xavier Esclusa Trias. Xavier is the founder and creative director of design studies at Twopots Design Studio in Barcelona, where he supervises all the creative aspects of the projects that come through the doors. With two decades of experience in the world of graphic design and after living and working as a designer in different places around the world like: New York, Ibiza, and Brazil, Xavier specialized in corporate identities, posters, and branding. His unique style is a mix of Swiss and Bauhaus, a clean and powerful style with lots of character. He has worked on different campaigns for international brands such as: Coca-Cola, Cartier, and Yume as well as festivals like the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, Electrons Libres, Stereolux, 29 Gourmet Club, and the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Instagram Handle: @xetdisseny

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