NYCxDesign Fundraiser

Poster House is proud to be the exclusive vendor for NYCxDESIGN‘s poster collection, An Ode to NYC.

Paying homage to the spirit of Milton Glaser’s “I LOVE NY” symbol, local designers created original pieces of artwork that offer a heartwarming, graphic tribute to New York City.

Through the month of October, the bold collection of posters is on view in design showrooms, restaurants and retail stores and digitally projected in iconic NYC spots, including Fulton Center, The Oculus, and on-board the NYC Ferry fleet.

A limited supply of posters from the collection is now exclusively available to purchase at the Poster House’s SHOP, helping bring New York City’s unwavering creative spirit into your home. Proceeds from the fundraiser will be donated to the Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG).


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A poster designed by 2x4. The big text says Together in white background.

American Optimism , 2020

A poster showing hand-drawn heart with texts saying,

Our Apple , 2020
Rodolfo Agrella

A poster showing a large text saying NYC in a black background. a little green sprout coming out from alphabet Y.

Untitled , 2020
Harry Allen

A poster showing a lot of black and white photos of women. texts say,

Womxn In Design , 2020
Lora Appleton

A poster showing The night of NYC in geometric shapes. The text is saying

Home Is Where the Heart Is , 2020
Sara Bengur & Veronique Gambier

A poster of a slice of pizza with measurements of the size.

New York Style , 2020
Dr. Carol Bentel

A poster showing the image of the back of the Statue of Liberty. The texts say

If You Make It In NY... , 2020
Marie Burgos

A poster showing a photo of the top of the Chrysler Building in the clear sky. there is a big red heart next to it.

Untitled , 2020
Timothy Corrigan for Perennials Fabrics

a poster showing a photo of New York apartment. There is a white couch, 3 colorful cushions, classic side lamp, and flower pattern curtain. The other side of building is visible through the big window.

The View from Here , 2020
Kati Curtis

A poster showing the big 3D text, NEW YORK as if they are buildings. There are very small people around the texts.

Untitled , 2020
Milton De Paul

A poster showing the illustration of the building shaped realistic human heart. There are New York city in the background.

The Black Heart Thrives , 2020
Leyden Lewis Design Studio

A poster showing an apple wearing a face mask. The texts around the apple say

The Tough New Yorker, The Tough Apple. , 2020
Vincent Lin

A poster showing a big text saying

New York Forever , 2020
Giona Maiarelli

a poster showing white texts in black background. The texts say

Untitled , 2020
Kelly Marshall

A poster mimicking I love NY poster. this poster shows circular graph instead of heart icon. The graph shows how New Yorkers spend their money.

Untitled , 2020
Manuel Miranda

A poster of the New York subway wall mosaic art at 14th Street.

Alison Rose

A poster showing big black text saying

Untitled , 2020
Jon Santos

A poster showing a lot of photos of town houses and buildings in the New York city. the text says

The Shade Stores Loves NYC
The Shade Store

A poster with a checkerboard pattern the sky, the moon, and inky straight lines. composited together.

InSight from Above , 2020
Suzanne Tick

A poster showing hand writing texts saying,

We keep from goin’ under , 2020
Jack Travis

A poster of New York City, around The World Trade Center drawn in impressionism style.

New York: In Full Color , 2020
Lori Weitzner