Online College Night: 2019/2020

Poster House launched its College Night series for college and graduate students to explore opportunities in the worlds of art, design, and museums. As colleges and universities closed in-person facilities and moved to remote learning sessions in response to COVID-19, Poster House followed suit and College Night went virtual.

The concept: So many different fields and professions go into building and running a museum, but often that work is hidden or unseen. This series invites those professionals to shed light on their work.

The format: Each lecture in this series featured Poster House staff from two different departments and a professional contractor the museum has collaborated with, answering the basics about what their jobs entail and how they got there.

The goal: After sharing these experiences, Poster House led students in professional development sessions that helped prepare them to apply for a museum internship or other job in the field, including on-site headshots, resumé reviews, interview preparation, and one-on-one mentoring.

Museum Basics

This first event of the series looked back at the foundational elements of the museum: its physical structure, its mission, and its outreach. Our speakers for the evening were:

Marc Tsurumaki: Principal and Founding Architect at LTL, the firm behind the award-winning design of Poster House.

Julia Knight: Poster House Museum Director talked about putting the museum’s mission in place and building the leadership team.

Samantha Hirsch & Sierra Van Ryck deGroot: Poster House Education Director and Education Programs Manager spoke about the role of education within the museum’s mission and its importance in community building.

Professional Development Exercise: Head shots! We took your pic so you could update your LinkedIn profile.

This session was hosted on-site and was not recorded.

Museum Mechanics

In this session, we focused on interactive installations, operations systems, and collections. Our speakers for the evening were:

John Kudos of KUDOS Design Collaboratory and KASA, responsible for the digital interactives within Poster House.

Colin Brady: Poster House Operations Director spoke about the building systems integrated into the museum and the Gallery Assistant and Security teams he put together.

Melissa Walker: Poster House Collections Manager reviewed her role as the keeper of the museum collection, and how it is managed and protected.

Professional Development Exercise: Resumé Review! We showed you the basics of resumé building and what we look for in the hiring process.


Promoting & Products

In this session, we learned the difference between PR, advertising, and marketing, and how that ties in with a museum shop. Our speakers for the evening were:

Ed Winstead, Director of PR firm Cultural Counsel, spoke about how to plan and promote an organization as a whole.

Bader AlAwadhi: Poster House Marketing Manager talked about the differences between PR and marketing, and how to strategize ad buys.

Molly McGeehan: Poster House Product Manager showed the basics of product development and how the shop can support and supplement museum functions.

Professional Development Exercise: Interviewing Basics! Make sure you’re grabbing the attention of your interviewer to land the perfect job.


Curation & Design

In our final session, we talked about what makes Poster House, Poster House: design, and its presentation through exhibitions. Our speakers for the evening were:

Steven Heller: The legendary design scholar spoke about the design field and its diversity and application.

Angelina Lippert: Poster House Chief Curator reviewed the process of putting together an exhibition season and gave an introduction to curation.

Ola Baldych: Poster House Design Director spoke to how she designed exhibitions and other materials for the museum.

Professional Development Exercise: We prepared for Speed Mentorship! Students worked with museum staffers to identify which departments they were interested in to prepare for our internship applications and their career goals.

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