Accessibility Statement

Poster House strives to make our website accessible. We are committed to diversity, inclusion, and meeting the needs of all of our visitors, including those with disabilities. We are continually improving the accessibility of our website to conform with Guidance from the United States Department of Justice, including existing technical standards such as WCAG 2.1 Levels A and AA. Further accessibility efforts are underway, and we continue to update our website to improve accessibility. Click here to learn about Museum Accessibility.

Poster House has engaged Access by Design, which includes a group of disabled testers, to assist with remediating the website. In the meantime, if the format of any material on our web pages interferes with your ability to access the information, please contact us to request assistance or if you have questions or comments about our website’s accessibility.

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Preparation of this accessibility statement.

This statement was originally prepared January 23, 2023.
The website was last tested on January 16, 2023. The test was carried out by Clive Loseby and his Team of Disabled Testers at Access by Design. The full audit, along with this Accessibility Statement, was prepared and produced by Clive Loseby at Access by Design. If you wish for a copy of the audit, please contact us.

Last updated May 14, 2024
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