Special Projects

Chinatown Stories

During this harrowing time, as the COVID-19 pandemic ravages New York and the nation, Poster House is committed to supporting our communities by sharing their stories. In January, one community in particular was hit, New York’s Chinatown, and Grace Young and Dan Ahn have produced this poignant video series about their travels through the neighborhood in early March, talking to affected business owners.

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NYCxDesign Fundraiser

NYCxDesign has launched their citywide poster campaign, An Ode to NYC! Starting today, explore the city through a bold collection of graphic expressions dedicated to NYC’s enduring creative spirit. As a tribute to Milton Glaser and his lasting impact on our city’s creative community, NYCxDESIGN teamed up with 21 New York-based designers to create a bold collection of custom posters expressing love for NYC.

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College Night 2020/2021

College Night aims to provide real resources to students who are interested in pursuing careers in art, design, and museums, with an emphasis on breaking down the pathways and barriers that can intimidate young professionals when planning for their futures.

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Posters in Protest

In 2019, Poster House opened its first show sourced entirely from the museum’s permanent collection.

This exhibition, 20/20 InSight: Posters from the 2017 Women’s March was a powerful look at the unique ways Americans protest, as told through the lens of posters collected from the 2017 Women’s March. The march emphasized that protesting is part of American culture and is an essential expression of our constitutional rights.

The posters in the collection span the subjects of Women’s Rights, Climate Change, Immigration, LGBTQ+ Issues, and, of course, #BlackLivesMatter. The incorporated graphics and poster images have been carried through generations of marches, rallies, and grassroots action. Today’s demonstrators also display symbols from poster history, borrowing the power of past ideology while crafting new meanings.

Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting five historic protests and some of their posters. These protests date back more than 100 years, their posters indicating that we are still demonstrating for the same struggles today.

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Poster House joined forces with PRINT Magazine, Time Square Arts, and Out Of Home advertisers around the city to apply design to the COVID-19 pandemic where it has hit the hardest: New York. Over 20 designers contributed their skills to create meaningful PSAs that launched on almost 2,000 screens across all five boroughs and three cities.

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Make Your Own Museum

Introducing Poster House’s first at-home activity for elementary schoolers and their families, Make Your Own Museum. Guided by clear instructions and fun videos of Poster House staff members, young museum lovers can transform everyday objects in their homes into museum exhibitions complete with curatorial perspectives, educational resources, even opening party planning ideas for everything you may need to create your own mini-museum right at home!

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Angelina’s Mini-Tours

Poster House Chief Curator Angelina Lippert can talk about posters anytime, anywhere! When Poster House closed due to COVID-19, she trekked over an hour to the museum to do mini-tours of the permanent collection and then gave us access to dozens more posters in her home to fawn over during lockdown.

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Online College Night

Poster House hosts an online series of events for college and graduate students to explore opportunities in the worlds of art, design, and museums. This lecture series illuminates the many different professions that go into building and running a museum, but that can be hidden or unseen.

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Poster Workshop

People of all ages and skill backgrounds are invited to participate in an ongoing series of online poster design workshops. Posters are created using physical or digital tools—whatever is most accessible to the designer! We begin each session with a brief introduction and presentation by Poster House Chief Curator Angelina Lippert on the history and purpose of posters. This is followed by an interactive workshop led by Isometric Studio partners Andy Chen and Waqas Jawaid.

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Library of Congress Poster Parade

In Winter 2018, Poster House partnered with The Library of Congress to showcase 31 important pieces from their poster collection in order to reach new audiences with an animation contest open to students, professionals, and amateurs alike. Participants browsed images for the contest on The Library’s Free to Use & Reuse page under Poster Parade.

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If you have ideas for collaboration, email us at info@posterhouse.org

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