Mission & History

Poster House is the first museum in the United States dedicated exclusively to posters.

Through exhibitions, events, and publications, Poster House presents a global view of posters from their earliest appearance in the late 1800s, to their present-day use. Poster House takes its mission from the medium, aiming to engage and educate all audiences as we investigate this large format graphic design and its public impact.

Posters explore:

  • mass communication and persuasion
  • the intersection of art and commerce
  • control of the public domain

For a poster to succeed, it must communicate. By combining the power of images and words, posters speak to audiences quickly and persuasively. Blending design, advertising, and art, posters clearly reflect the place and time in which they were made. Through them, Poster House explores everything from avant-garde design, to changing societal norms, and all the fads and fashions over the last 160 years.

Poster House was founded in 2015 with an eye towards filling a long-acknowledged gap in the New York cultural landscape. While there are several poster museums around the world, New York, with its long relationship with advertising and design, did not have such a dedicated public institution. After several years of planning and construction, Poster House opens its doors in June 2019.


Angelina Lippert

Chief Curator

Ola Baldych

Design Director

Samantha Hirsch

Education Director

Melissa Walker

Collection Manager

John F. Lynch

Installation Manager

Greta Jenkins

Marketing Associate

Colin Brady

Director of Operations

Heidi Smith

Director of Retail Operations

Melissa Caruso-Scott

Director of Operations for Café des Affiches

Molly McGeehan

Product Manager

Advisory Board

Gail Anderson

Creative Director, Visual Arts Press, School of Visual Arts

Myrna Davis

Executive Director Emeritus, Art Directors Club

Elizabeth Guffey

Professor of Art and Design History, SUNY Purchase

Steven Heller

Co-founder and Co-chair of MFA Designer as Author Program, SVA; author

Eve Kahn

Design Historian, Former Antiques Columnist at the New York Times

Nicholas Lowry

President, Swann Galleries

Ellen Lupton

Director, Graphic Design MFA, MICA; Curator of Contemporary Design, Cooper Hewitt

Chad Phillips

Director of Merchandising, Brooklyn Museum

Tim Rodgers

Director, The Wolfsonian-FIU

Paula Scher

Partner, Pentagram

Alexander Tochilovsky

Curator, Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography, Cooper Union

Founding Members

Our Founding Members supported us from the very beginning, becoming a part of the Poster House Family before we even opened our doors. We are incredibly pleased to recognize their generosity and commitment.

Founding Patron / $2000

Willis & Claudia Allen

Katherine & Gary Bartholomaus

Robert Chisholm & Lars Larsson

Chris T. Concannon

Peter Kahane

Linda Knight

Diane B. Lippert

Andrew Merz

Jack Rennert

George Sells

Eric Strobel

Founding Supporter / $500

Todd Canterbury

Suzanne Chisholm

Marjorie R. Culver

Arlene Fauser

Jean Jones

KUDOS Design Collaboratory

Jameson Kung

Jim Lapides

Michael Lifschultz

Vincent Ng

David Pollack

Shelley & Bennett Schmidt

Bellamy Schmidt

Daniel, Beth, and Haley Spitz

The Skirbunt Family

Susan Termohlen

Richard Toomey

Robert P Torretti

Kathy Valko

Lauren Miller Wals

Philip Williams

Nancy Wolff

Founding Individual / $100

Neale M. Albert

Mariano Alvarez

Mark H. Amitin

Gail Anderson

Adrienne Angelo

H Ted Bahr

Frank Baseman

Andrew Beckman

Andrew Bencsko III

Stephen Bluto

Danuta Boczar

Anthony John Bonner

Philip K. Bradford

Anne L. Bradford

Liz & George Brandley

Conner Bryan

Russell Calabrese

Chris Calori

Trevor Carmack

Becky Carpenter

Monica Carter

Patricia Childers

Paul Christenson

Amanda Cifone

Lyle Cohen

Barbara S B Collins

Patrick Collins

Alletta Cooper

Stephen Cup

Robert Depczenski

Alice Dickinson

Juliano Domingues

Richard Dorfman

Norbert Drey

Robert Duane

Muriel Light Egan

Phyllis Elliott

Claudia Rose Emerson

Anthony B Engel

Cameron Etheredge

Christofer Evans

Heidi Evans

Anthony J. Ferrara

Cole Ferry

Sidney Fillipi

Stephen Fontana

Jacob Ford

Jason Forman

Rudy Franchi

Daniel Frohwirth

Eileen Galen

Andrew Garvin

Ken Godat

Rachel Gogel

Judy Loeb Goldfein

John Gotman

Maneka K. Grewal

Mary Lee Grisanti

Nanci Guerra

Susan Hadden

Martha Hagood

Camille Hall

Gregory Hamilton

Max Hamlin

Jeffrey Hantover

Constance S. Harris

Chris Haske

Christian Havemeyer

Patti Hegland

Christian Henkel

Tanja Herron

Jodi Hirsch

Sharon Horowitz

shiigemiichii iishiitanii

Paul Isaac

Rob Jackson

Bharat Jalan

Heather Jones

Jody Kamen

Rebecca Kaplan

L Mohun Kapur

David Karp

Lillian Kirch

Alex Knowlton

Steven Kowalik

Andrew Krivine

John Labozza

Carl S. Laise

Juliett G Lam

Scott Laserow

Nancy LeaMond

Laura Lendrum

Kristin Leu

Sandra Levinson

Blake Livingston

Emily Long

Alexis Lovely

Curt Lund

Alfra Martini

June Masuda

Devin Mathis

James McCobb

Cinnamon McCullum

Genevieve McGillicuddy

Amy McNamara

Holly McWhorter

Matt & Jennifer Mecs

Tim Medland

Thomas Mohan

Lisa Marie Mraz

John & Josephine Murphy

Tom Napper

Giovanni Negron

David Neill

Amy Neiman

Maryanne D. Olson

Daniel X. O’Neil

Sean O'Neill

Glenn Pajarito

Issela Palacios

Jason Pamental

Crystal Paris

Jameson Parker

Meredith R Perlman

Catarina Y. Pierre

Beth Player-DiCicco

Donald Pogoloff

Daniel Prada

Katherine Prior

Erin Reese

Elizabeth Resnick

Hilke Richards

Harlan Rips

Stephanie Robinson

Mickey Ross

Elliot Safra

Richard G. Safran

Ina Saltz

Rob Saunders

Thelonia Saunders

Sal Scamardo

Lars Schmidt

Heike Schneider

John Schobel

Berncie Schoenbaum

Michael Schussler

Travis Simpson

Everett Anton Singer

Kevin Smith

Gail Spangenberg

Shanti Sparrow

Saul Spicer

Abigail Starr

Judith Steckler

Thor Stockman

Jack Strain

Peter Stults

Richard Sutor

Marion Lear Swaybill

Terri Talbert

Don Tancredo

Gerald Thamm

Jet The Guy

Yen-Li Thompson

Logan Tracey

Joseph Truong

Winston Tseng

Michael Tutko

Erica Udoff

Tory Van Dine

Sandra K Wasserman

Cary Weissman

Craig Welsh

Mark J. Weinbaum

Catriona (Kiki) Werth

Greg Wetzel

Jane Wichern

William D. Wick

David Willmon

Donna Wilson

Larry Winderbaum

Ernie Wolfe III

Jodi Yellen

Ben Yousey-Hindes

Laurie Yosha

Marcin Zeglinski

The Building

119 West 23rd Street was built around 1901 by The National Cloak Company. The area had first been an elite residential neighborhood, shifting into an active theater district after the Civil War. But the theaters gradually moved north to Times Square and the commercial field moved to 23rd Street. At 10 stories, the building was quite tall for its day, and housed more than just the National Cloak Company’s tailoring services for elegant ladies. Several publishing firms occupied the building, including George Routledge & Sons. Later in the 1920s, stationers and mail order companies moved into 119, followed by novelty manufacturers around the 1950s. But today the building is best known for being home to Tekserve (1987–2016), an Apple repair store that was iconic to New Yorkers for its jam-packed decor and unparalleled service.

In 2018, LTL Architects took on the gut-renovation of the almost 15,000 square foot space over 2 floors. The design considers that posters are intended for the street, and uses the length of the space to evoke a sidewalk, playing with industrial materials. Gesturing to the space’s history, the design incorporates several existing features including the exposed brick walls, barrel vaults and cast-iron columns. These elements create a dialogue with the new architecture, blending old and new, playful and serious, and embodying an embrace of the poster’s unique identity as both commerce and art, public information and cultural artifact.

About LTL Architects

LTL Architects (Lewis.Tsurumaki. Lewis) is an award winning, design intensive architecture firm founded by Paul Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki and David J. Lewis and located in New York City. LTL engages a diverse range of work, from large scale academic and cultural buildings to interiors and speculative research, realizing inventive solutions that turn the constraints of each project into the design trajectory, exploring opportunistic overlaps between space, form and materials.


Poster House actively collects posters that 1) are historically or aesthetically important to the field, 2) support future museum programming, and 3) can be part of the Poster House Living Archive.

The Poster House Living Archive is a collection of contemporary posters from around the world. We are grateful to the original collectors in the 1880s who followed wheatpasters at night through the streets of Paris, built relationships with artists, and supported dealers in the new field of poster collecting. We now continue the tradition by reaching out to designers, ad agencies, and companies to grow a Living Archive of exceptional contributions to the poster medium being made now.

If you are interested in donating to Poster House, please consider the following:

  • We do not accept unsolicited donations, so please do not send us posters without speaking with our Collections Department. Unsolicited donations will be disposed of and cannot be returned.
  • Poster House defines a poster as a public-facing printed notice meant to persuade or influence. We do not collect art posters, limited-edition prints, museum posters, or other images originally meant for interior decoration.
  • We reserve the right to dispose of any donated posters that jeopardize the safety of the rest of our collection. This includes posters infected by mold, posters printed with hazardous inks, and posters printed on vinyl stickers.
  • Poster House encourages you to claim a tax deduction for your donation to the fullest extent allowed by law. If your donation exceeds $5,000 in value, you should seek outside appraisal prior to donation. While we cannot appraise your collection, we can recommend appraisers who can.
  • We review collection donation requests periodically; please allow us 10 business days to respond.
  • If you’re unsure if what you have qualifies or if you have any questions about our donation policy, please reach out! collections@posterhouse.org