Advertising Type: Women in Digital Design

April 27–November 5, 2023

Unlike general advertising posters, type specimen posters are targeted to graphic designers who are in the market to buy or use a typeface in a project. 

All of the posters in this exhibition advertise digital typefaces, showcasing the myriad women who are thriving and expanding the world of type design.

This exhibition was created in partnership with the Type Directors Club and Amber Weaver of You Creative Media.


Selected Images

Offset poster of a digitally produced alphabet rendered in black on a white background.
Weissenhof Grotesk Play, 2022
Stefanie Schwarz
Offset poster in 1970s colors featuring a quilted background with floral letters inside each square spelling out Taylor Swift lyrics.
Dark Academia, 2022
Celine Hurka & Carmen Dusmet Carrasco
Offset poster of a complete alphabet drawn as cartoony bubble letters with pops of 80s color.
Typefesse, 2019
Océane Juvin
Offset poster of a trilingual alphabet in white against a black background with pops of muted pastel colors.
La Contraste Horizontale, 2022
Naïma Ben Ayed