What’s The Score? The Posters of LeRoy Neiman

September 2, 2021–March 27, 2022
A white exhibition wall of posters with American boxers painted in hues of green and orange.

LeRoy Neiman designed posters announcing boxing matches, marathons, automobile races, golf tournaments, tennis championships, football games, and five Olympics. His work also became the face of some of the most established jazz festivals in the United States. 

In honor of the centennial of his birth year, this capsule exhibition highlights some of Neiman’s best advertising posters, promoting sporting events and concerts around the world.

This exhibition comes to Poster House through a generous donation by the LeRoy Neiman and Jane Byrne Neiman Foundation

Selected Images

Photo offset poster of two men, one on top of the other, punching at the air in tones of red and orange.
Ali/Frazier/“Thrilla in Manila”, 1975
LeRoy Neiman
Photo offset poster of a saxophone player seen from below, mid-performance in tones of yellow and green.
Newport Jazz Festival, 1974
LeRoy Neiman
Photo offset poster of a blonde haired tennis player smacking the ball.
Tennis Classic, 1980
LeRoy Neiman
Photo offset poster of a pole vaulter bending over the high bar against a red background.
Games of the XXII Olympiad, 1980
LeRoy Neiman