Make Your Own Museum

This activity requires adhering images to a wall and arranging objects on stools, chairs, or boxes. Please use removable or wall safe tape and carry furniture carefully so as to protect your home.

Words marked with an asterisk symbol (*) are defined in the glossary section. 



  • 2 or more walls (corner would be ideal)
  • Paper or other drawing surfaces
  • Markers, colored pencils, or crayons
  • Removable/Wall-safe tape 
  • Glue or tape
  • Ruler


Cardboard boxes or cereal boxes

Activity 1: Name Your Museum

  • Name your museum.
  • Make a sign with your museum’s name and put it on the wall above or beside your objects.

Activity 2: Curate Your Exhibition

  • Congratulations! You are now the curator* of your museum.
  • Create an exhibition*  by arranging five of your toys.
    • Think carefully about which objects you choose:
      • What do your objects have in common?
      • What makes them different?
    • Think carefully about how you will display your objects:
      • Will you put them on a box, a stool, or a chair so people can see them clearly?
      • Will you create frames for them to show their importance?

Activity 3: Care For Your Objects

  • How will you handle your objects so they’re protected while you curate* your exhibition?
  • Consider creating packaging from recycled boxes or folders so you can handle and store your objects with care

Activity 4: Make Your Wall Labels

This activity requires parental involvement.

  • On small pieces of paper, write (or dictate to your adults) explanations of your objects so that everyone knows what they are and why they are important to you. 
  • Place your wall labels* beside the objects they explain.

Activity 5: Create Your Poster

  • Create a poster to advertise your exhibition.
  • Include the following details:
    • Your museum’s name
    • Exhibition title
    • A short description of your exhibition
    • Exhibition’s opening and closing dates
    • An image that makes people excited to come visit your exhibition

Activity 6: Welcome Guests to the Exhibition

This activity requires parental involvement.

  • Create an invitation to give to your family and friends, so that they can visit your exhibition.
  • Before your guests visit, think about what you will tell them about your exhibition.
  • When they arrive, give your guests a tour of the exhibition!
  • You might also create a virtual tour or video for people who cannot attend the exhibition in person.

Activity 7: Curate a Second Exhibition

  • YAY! You’ve curated your first exhibition.
  • Curate an exhibition of artwork that you or other artists in your family have made.
  • Your second exhibition is entitled “A Walk Down Memory Lane.”
  • Follow the instructions above for setting up your second exhibition.


Exhibition: a public display of the work of artists or artisans

Curate: to organize a museum or exhibition

Curator: a person who selects content for an exhibition

Wall Label: a description of a museum object that includes the title of the work, the name of the maker, the date of its creation, its materials, and a brief description. Wall labels are typically placed near an object on display in an exhibition.


Take a photo of your exhibition and/or exhibition poster and share it with us, @posterhousenyc on Instagram. Be sure to include your museum name and exhibition title for possible inclusion in our #museumathome collection!

Create additional exhibitions for your museum by participating in the other activities on our site!

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