A red poster of a baby holding a gold object as pink flowers, red fish, and gold surround her.
February 5, 2019

The Year of the Pig!

Rating: G

Today marks the beginning of the Year of the Pig. We thought it would be fun to gather a few of our favorite pig-themed posters throughout history in a swine-filled tribute to this new phase in the lunar calendar. Obviously, none of these posters are directly related to the Chinese celebration – but we just love piggies so much we couldn’t help ourselves.


Ou Sont-ils? by Alfred Choubrac, ca. 1893 (image c/o L’Affichiste)

Where oh where is this little pig? Choubrac gives us a pig-hunting maiden to help promote what is presumably some sort of theatrical event.


Left: Alhambra by Henri Le Monnier, ca. 1925 (image c/o Poster Corner)

Right: Le Lyonnais by Henri Le Monnier, ca. 1925 (image c/o Pinterest)

Two sides of the same pig are used here by Le Monnier to advertise different purveyors of fine pork products.


Gino Tanzi by Boccasile, ca. 1934 (image c/o Amazon)

If you’re selling cured meats, why not ride a pig while presenting at tray of salami?


Kitchen Waste by John Gilroy, ca. 1943 (image c/o Wikipedia)

A favorite wartime poster of ours, this piggy is very excited by the prospect of your table scraps.


TWA by an Unknown Artist, ca. 1954 (image c/o Chisholm-Larsson Gallery)

TWA is known for some brilliant posters throughout the 1950s & 60s. Here, their airfare is so cheap, your piggy bank will provide you with a trip to Europe.


RCA by Andy Warhol, 1968 (image c/o MoMA)

We’ve written about this poster once before in our celebration of Andy Warhol – but it’s so great, we couldn’t help but feature it for a second time.


Rodzinny Gang (Family Gang) by Jerzy Flisak, 1971 (image c/o Philip Williams Posters)

Also known as The Large Black Sow, this Italian film (advertised here in a Polish poster) chronicles the drama of a Sicilian peasant family.


Suede by an Unknown Artist, 1993 (image c/o Pinterest)

For all you Suede fans out there, who can forget their third single “Animal Nitrate” as advertised in this sleek album poster?


Pork in Space by Avenging Angels, ca. 2000 (Poster House Permanent Collection)

Finally, a tongue-in-cheek, pig-forward criticism of the Bush presidency’s plans for a Ballistic Missile Shield.

Feel free to share some of your favorite pig posters with us on Instagram! Happy Year of the Pig!

Opening Nianhua image c/o Philip Williams Gallery.