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A poster of a androgynous figure in profile surrounded by a rainbow of stars, planets, and beams of light.
Oct 14, 2021–Mar 27, 2022
An illustrated poster of a green faced Uncle Sam with flying airplanes dropping bombs in his square shaped blue mouth.
Sep 2, 2021–Feb 6, 2022
A poster showing a white sheriff star on a black background. Inside the star is a red fist with two thumbs holding a Peyote flower.
Mar 4–Aug 15, 2021


An illustrative poster of two people facing coronavirus with the words love in the time of corona.
Apr 17–Sep 30, 2020
A poster of a young telephone operator smiling with text of various international destinations behind her.
Feb 27, 2020–Feb 14, 2021


A close-up of an astronaut floating through space with one hand reaching out towards the foreground.
Oct 18–Nov 7, 2019
An illustrative poster of a person in a kimono eating by a table with washing hands in the background.
Oct 17, 2019–Feb 10, 2020
A poster of two young men wearing street clothes; one dressed in red, the other in blue, dancing on a black background.
Oct 7–Oct 16, 2019


An illustrational poster of a woman smoking a long cigarette while in the middle of a deep dance dip.
Sep 21–Oct 20, 2017